Foundation Design

Foundation Design

· Selection of design parameters and specifications

· Weather/wind mapping

· Electrical clearance calculations

· Resources allocation

· Conceptual design and analysis of new towers and gantries

Foundation Design

Foundation Design

Foundation Design

· Soil investigation specification

· Foundation up gradation

· Design and analysis of all types of foundations

· Foundation testing

· Geo-technical study: soil investigation, soil stability analysis and tests

Detailed Design

Foundation Design

Detailing and Drafting

· Design and analysis of complete overhead lines, integrating towers, gantries, foundations and lines using industry-leading FEA-based software PLS CADD/Tower/Pole.
· Re-engineering of existing structures/systems for thermal upgrade, diversions, tee-offs,
network re-enforcement etc.

Detailing and Drafting

Detailing and Drafting

Detailing and Drafting

· Full detailing of existing or new towers, gantries, any other OHL support structures

· Tower internal clearance check-in 2D/3D CAD modelling, which lets us get a real view of the tower

· GA drawing and fabrication sketches

· Wire/download electrical clearance drawings


Detailing and Drafting

Inspection Services

· Feasibility studies

· Conceptual design

· New OHL design optioneering and solution

· Refurbishment/termination optioneering and solution

· High voltage compact line optioneering and design

· Corridor selection studies

· Route selection studies

Inspection Services

Detailing and Drafting

Inspection Services

· Raw material, in process, proto assembly, before dispatch

· Line components testing; third party witness

· Factory inspection component testing witness

· Inspection plan

· Quality plan

· Quality improvement

· ISO9000 implementation

Project Development

Construction & Project Management

Project Development

· Pre-engineering studies, including a survey and Quantitative Risk Analysis

· Environmental impact study

· Visual impact study

· Developing technical specifications

· Cost development to support project sanction decisions

· Overhead line components selection

· Conductor design/selection: study and optioneering

· Thermal assessment

· Tower spotting: optimal spotting and route profile

· Material quantification


Construction & Project Management

Project Development

· All types of OHL studies

· All types of OHL design and analysis – manual or software

· OHL support structures design

· OHL support structures detailing

· Engineering data collection and processing

· Electronic data conversion

· Electronic data filing and documentation

· Non-engineering data entry

· Any other outsourcing – can be discussed

Dedicated free phone line – an 0800 number – for the project

24/7 capability

Construction & Project Management

Construction & Project Management

Construction & Project Management

· Inspection and testing of materials and line components

· Liaise with suppliers, contractors and utilities for project monitoring and design solutions

· Tower testing

· Temporary works design

· Construction process load calculations

· Management of safety in the workplace

· Preparation of Risk Assessments and         Method Statements for construction activities

· Preparation of construction program and packages

· Liaise with customers and suppliers in order to ensure that quality and milestone delivery

dates are met in line with the contract program

· Site supervision and coordination

Software Capabilities

Software Capabilities

Construction & Project Management

We are fully equipped with the latest engineering programs that can provide computerized solutions, 3D analysis and optimum design.

  • PLS CADD (Power Line Systems Inc.): Use with Google Earth for New Line design and Assessment of Existing Lines, Plan and Profile, Tower Spotting, Sag and Tension, Optimisation of line, Aerial Photographs, Satellite Images, DTM, Processing data from the satellite, Material List, Line Schedule...