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PaE is an Overhead Transmission Line engineering consultancy, based in the UK and USA. We are a group of highly experienced and professional power transmission & distribution engineers. Formed in 2008, PaE is an international venture seeking an expert position in the growing business market of overhead line transmission & distribution.

We work locally and globally with utilities, local authorities, fabricators, developers, contractors, component designers/suppliers, other consultants and government agencies. We have a duty to share our experience and knowledge with clients, so we can provide professional, confidential service and work. We deliver services with reliability and cost competitiveness. PaE engineers have worldwide experience in developing and designing OHL projects.

We use the latest technology, software, techniques and best practices to provide the best design solution. We have a team of highly professional and experienced engineers, detailers, project engineers and administrative staff who ensure the delivery of service and work on time with a high level of quality.

PaE designs and specifies transmission line solutions around the world from low voltage distribution lines to high voltage transmission lines. Overhead lines are comprised of several individual components, each of which we are involved in individually studying and designing. PaE has access to an extensive database of existing and new, innovative support structure designs. These designs include monopoles, guyed and self-supporting, lattice and tube structures, and single and multiple circuit configurations.

We use the latest software and design tools for all aspects of transmission line engineering, including line design and support structure design, based on linear or non-linear analysis, plus in-house preparation of detailed 2D and 3D drawings.

We provide innovative, high quality and cost-effective technical solutions for commercial, regulatory and environmental issues based on our expertise and experience. We believe in sustainable growth with an environmentally friendly design that takes health and safety into consideration.

We have an in-house design team that can cater to any engineering challenges of OHL design and delivery. We are capable of developing a client-dedicated team to perform various activities including full design, project and construction management, supervision and inspection. We can facilitate services like soil and land surveys, aerial surveys, conductor supply, support structures supply, OHL components testing, insulator and hardware supply, and we use a varied selection of sub-suppliers and sub-contractors.

We would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to discuss where we can assist you with ongoing or new projects and give you a short presentation detailing what we can offer. For further details on our services, or to discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Experience & Expertise

 Feasibility Study & Project Development
 Third-party Verification and Inspection
 Design Compliance/Assurance and Verification
 Standard and Specification Development
 Line Design Training and Mentoring
 Constructability & Risk Assessment
 Site Coordination and Supervision
 Substation Civil Design Verification and Approval

 Line Design using PLS CADD
 Conductor Replacement Study  
 Support Structures Design using PLS Tower and Pole
 Strength Assessment of an Existing OHL (lattice towers)
 Substation Structures and Foundations Design
 Asset Management; Condition Assessment and Data Collection, Study, Survey
 Line Terminations; Short Circuit calculation, Design of Landing Structures & Equipment Support Structures

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