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Software Capabilities

 We are fully equipped with the latest engineering programs that can provide computerized solutions, 3D analysis and optimum design.

  • PLS CADD (Power Line Systems Inc.): Use with Google Earth for New Line design and Assessment of Existing Lines, Plan and Profile, Tower Spotting, Sag and Tension, Optimisation of line, Aerial Photographs, Satellite Images, DTM, Processing data from the satellite, Material List, Line Schedule, Construction Chart and 3D Line Modelling
  • PLS TOWER & SPOLE (Power Line Systems Inc.): 3D linear and non-linear analysis of lattice structures and pole 
  • Other 3D Analysis Programs: SAG10 (ALCOA), STAAD PRO, I Tower & MS Tower
  • Foundation Design: L-Pile and MFAD
  • Detailing software: BOCAD 3D, AutoCAD 2D & 3D