Worldwide training experience

We have provided top tier OHL Engineering and PLS training in the UK, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia and Pakistan. Please see below for a list of our courses and training topics.


  • Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Course
  • Transmission Line Electrical Design Course
  • Overhead Line Design using PLS CADD
  • OHL Support Structures Design using PLS Tower & Pole
  • PLS CADD Implementation
  • Client-specific OHL training courses
  • OHL Best Practices/Procedures

Training Topics 

  • Designing Overhead Transmission Line 
  • Overhead Transmission Line Engineering 
  • Overhead Transmission Line Design Using PLS CADD 
  • OHL Planning & Study
  • OHL Electric Fundamentals 
  • OHL Costing, Quantification & Procurement
  • OHL Conductors 
  • OHL Insulators & Fittings 
  • OHL Lightning protection 
  • OHL Geotechnical & Foundation Design 
  • OHL Support Structures Designing
  • OHL Structures Design Using PLS Tower 
  • OHL Mechanical Design & Reliability 
  • OHL Detailed Design Management 
  • OHL Construction Management 
  • OHL Construction and H&S
  • OHL Construction - Final Inspection, Testing & Commissioning
  • OHL Project Management - Contractors 
  • OHL Project Management - Utilities 
  • OHL Asset Management 
  • OHL Line Refurbishment & Upgrading 
  • OHL & Integration of Distributed Generation 
  • Overhead Distribution Line Designing
  • OHL Mono-poles Design Using PLS Pole
  • OHL Wood Poles Design & Maintenance
  • OHL Legislation, H&S and Risk Assessment 
  • OHL & Environment-Climate change-Sustainability-Waste Management
  • OHL & Telecommunication Structures Maintenance and Asset Management