PaE is an Overhead Transmission Line engineering consultancy, based in the UK and USA. We are a group of highly experienced and professional power transmission & distribution engineers. Formed in 2008, PaE is an international venture seeking an expert position in the growing business market of overhead line transmission & distribution.  

We work locally and globally with utilities, local authorities, fabricators, developers, contractors, component designers/suppliers, other consultants and government agencies. We have a duty to share our experience and knowledge with clients, so we can provide professional, confidential service and work. We deliver services with reliability and cost competitiveness. PaE engineers have worldwide experience in developing and designing OHL projects.  

Using the latest technology, software, techniques and best practices we are able to provide the best design solution. We have a team of highly professional and experienced engineers, detailers, project engineers and administrative staff who ensure the delivery of service and work on time with a high level of quality.  

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